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Q:  If the Queen travels at 0.5 knots how many miles will the Queen travel in one hour?
A: 5 miles. This is based on traveling 12 minutes per mile.

Q: How many pounds are in a ton?
A: 2000 pounds

Q: If the Indian River Queen weighs 120 tons, how many pounds does she weigh?
A: 240,000 pounds

Q: How much does a full size manatee weigh?
A: Between 1,000 - 3,500 pounds

Q: What is the difference a nautical mile and a regular mile?
A: A nautical mile is slightly longer than a regular mile measured on land. 1 nautical mile = 1.150  regular miles.

Q: If one knot equals one nautical mile per hour, how many regular miles will you travel going at a speed of 5 knots?
A: 5.75 regular miles

Q: The intracoastal Waterway (ICW) is 3000 regular miles long. How long would it take the Indian River Queen to travel the length of the ICW if she was traveling at a speed of 5 knots?
A: 521.7 hours or 21.7 days

Q: If the teacher paid $15 per passenger for this field trip & there are 100 passengers, how much did
the teacher have to pay for this field trip?  

A: $1500


Q: What is the front of a boat called?
A: The Bow

Q: What is the back of the boat called?
A: The Stern

Q: What is the left side of the boat called
A: Portside

Q: What is the right side of the boat called?
A: Starboard

Q: What is the bathroom called?
A: The Head

Q: What is the body of the boat called?
A: The Hull

Q: What is the room the Captain drives the boat called?
A: The Wheelhouse

Q: What are the metal fittings that hold the ropes called?
A: Cleats

Q: What is the width of the boat called?
A: The Beam


Q: Which year did the first settlers come to Cocoa?
A: 1860

Q: How did they travel?

A: By riverboat, small boats, trains, horseback, and on foot

Q: How did they get their supplies?

A: By riverboats


Q: What animals live in and on the Indian River lagoon?
A: Many creatures. Bottlenose dolphins, Manatees, Fish, Sharks, Crabs, Snakes, Birds

Q: Is the Indian River a lagoon or a river?
A: An estuary and a lagoon. It is a place where saltwater and freshwater meet to form brackish water.

Q: Are Bottlenose dolphins the same as porpoises?
A: No, they have different faces.  Porpoises have longer noses.

Q: Why do they call manatees sea cows?
A: Because they graze along the seabed and eat seagrass.

Q: Why is the Indian River murky?
A: The river is being polluted by fertilizers, pesticides, sewage and other toxins that are being discharged into the river. This causes a toxic algae boom that can kill the fish, manatees and dolphins, as well as causing the water to be murky. This is a ecological crisis which can only be fixed if people work together to protect the river.

Q: What famous movie was filmed on the Indian River Queen?
A: 'Out of Time' starring Denzel Washington.

Q: What year was the Indian River Queen built?
A: 1984 in Escanaba, Michigan


The IRL is comprised of 3 major bodies of water, the Indian River, Banana River and Mosquito Lagoon. More then 5,000 animals and plants are found here. The Indian River Lagoon has 72 endangered and threatened species with an additional 53 rare species. The Lagoon is the hub of the East Coast manatee population. Nearly one third of the manatee population lives here year round or migrates through the Lagoon. Ride the River & explore the Indian River Lagoon!

This charter does not include food/beverage service.

Must have a minimum of 75 students to qualify.


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The "Queen" is a wonderful place to teach your students. Cruise the gentle Indian River Lagoon, one of North America's most biologically productive estuaries. The Queen's event planning team ensures that every facet of your Field Trip is professionally and seamlessly coordinated.