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M E E T   T H E   C R E W

Listed below are the "Queen's" four key crew members. They lead our team of professional service providers, making sure it's always 'smooth sailing'!!

P E N N Y   S H E R I D A N  F L A H E R T Y
Penny is the owner of the "Queen" and founded the company in 2002.
She is also the lead Wedding & Event Planner and has successfully
produced hundreds of spectacular
events and celebrations.

C A P T A I N  J A M E S   G E O R G E
James is the Master of the "Queen" and officiates
many of the weddings that take place on board.


D E B B I E   S H E R I D A N
Debbie is the "Queen's" Beverage & Personnel Manager.
She is also one of the "Queen's" Event Planners.

P E T E R   F L A H E R T Y
Peter is the "Queen's" 1st Mate and also a Coast Guard certified
Captain. He has expert knowledge about the Indian River and
surrounding area.